Project Timeline

Plan ahead!

Getting a project printed takes more time than you think!  You simply cannot turn a project around in a week. Trying to rush it through costs more, and is far more prone to errors– errors that you will be liable for!  We will do what we can to ensure that you have a quality product that meets your expectations, but we cannot guarantee that we will catch every design flaw.  You are responsible for submitting a design that is exactly what you expect.  Once the design is submitted to the printer, the sale is final!

Minimum Time Frame For a Printing Project

Time Required For Design

  • Sonlight Printing, LLC does NOT provide design services. We do, however, maintain a list of preferred independent contractors that work with us frequently. Please be aware that each designer works independently of us and will have unique time constraints.
  • Each type of product has a different lead time required.  Discuss with your designer the lead time required.  Think weeks, not days!
  • Be diligent to respond to your designer’s questions or submissions for approval!  This is where you can lose much valuable time in your project!  Don’t be “that” person that gripes that it’s not ready, when you failed to approve the design in a timely manner 🙂  [Timely manner is same or next day!]

Time Required For Printing

  • Once your finished project is submitted to us, we will look for obvious defects and communicate with you if we find anything that needs to be addressed before it goes to the printer.  Remember, though, that this is a good faith inspection and by submitting it to us you have already implicitly accepted it as ready to print.
  • On average, turn around time is two weeks.
  • Don’t forget that if you are wanting something to mail out (postcards, invitations, etc), you need to add more time to the time frame.