Lower Printing Costs

The driving motivation behind Sonlight Printing, LLC is to provide printing services to missionaries, churches and businesses at a lower cost than they would be able to find on their own.  This helps them to be better stewards of the finances God has entrusted to them. We can do this by pooling the printing needs together and thereby gaining a more affordable price for each customer.

Services Offered

The technical title of our service is a print broker.  We are not tied to any one print shop, but can shop to find the best deal for a particular project and can generally offer a below-retail price for our customers.  You can expect us to add value to your print project by helping you plan and manage your project.  You can rely on our knowledge of materials and processes, quality of workmanship and judgment on timing.  We can help you navigate seeing your project to completion.

Design Services Are Outsourced

We do NOT provide design services, although we do have a list of designers that we work with.  These designers are independent contractors and are not employed by Sonlight Printing, LLC.  If you need a project designed, it is imperative that you budget a sufficient amount of time for the design AND approval process.